About MAP & Our Community


We are thrilled to announce that MAP St. Louis is partnering with the Academy of Thought and Industry (ATI) to make our dreams of developing a Montessori high school a reality. ATI is a network of Montessori high schools with a high-accountability, high-autonomy learning community focused on personal, academic, and professional excellence. ATI St. Louis will join ATI San Francisco, ATI Austin and ATI Manhattan. Learn more >>



MAP St. Louis provides adolescents with a Montessori learning environment that allows students to meet their full potential as they journey toward becoming creative, critically thinking, and socially conscious adults. Meaningful, place-based work allows students to develop as individuals and encourages commitment to the well-being of the community. MAP students study across the disciplines in direct connection with purposeful, on-site work, which allows them to build the lifelong desire for knowledge and understanding.


Strategically situated in Grand Center, the heart of St. Louis’ arts community, MAP St. Louis is surrounded by world-class education, art, research, culture, and innovation in tech and bioscience.

At MAP St. Louis, key concepts are taught in our three-year, mixed-age classroom, but we know that the real discoveries and the potential for true innovation occurs when the students are exploring and collaborating beyond the walls of the classroom. Students participate in this type of expanded learning through community engagement and the development of mutually beneficial partnerships with St. Louis’ dynamic and diverse organizations, businesses and professionals.