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Physical Expressions: Skiing at Hidden Valley

  • Hidden Valley 17409 Hidden Valley Drive Eureka, MO, 63025 United States (map)

Sent: 1/11/2017

Hello, Ski/Snowboard Families.

We had a successful first day on the slopes last week and are hoping to enjoy another session tomorrow! I will be in touch if the weather tonight changes our plans.

A few notes…

1. Ski Pass Replacement: The ski passes cost $50 to replace. I gave a strong pep talk about ensuring that the pass is zipped into an appropriate pocket while on the snow and I also offered to keep all of the ski passes together in the van so that we would have them. Please talk to your student about what their plans are for keeping the pass safe. I have the following passes gathered at school: Seth, Cameron, Emily, Jack, Kat.

2. Emergency Contact Information: When I set up your student’s Hidden Valley account, I did not include an emergency contact. I have all of that information with me while I am at Hidden Valley, but in the case that it is urgent that the facility contact you, please email and ask them to add two emergency contact names and phone numbers to your student’s account. The emergency contacts can include you and your preferred phone numbers. At this time, Hidden Valley’s website does not allow information to be updated through their website.

3. Pick Up This Week (as reported by each student): Please let me know if you are planning on something else or let me know a plan if your child is in the unsure category:

Staying to Ski: Luke, Tat, Elise, Kat, Seth
Returning to Villa: Emily, Cameron
Unsure: Jackson, Jack

4. Next Week: As you know, we will have our overnight at Shaw Nature Reserve from Tuesday through Friday of next week. The students are all very interested in skiing/snowboarding that Friday afternoon. Thank you to Marjory Rudiak who will join us at Shaw Nature Reserve on Friday, January 19 to help transport students to Hidden Valley - luckily the two destinations are just a couple exits away form one another. Please make sure your students pack their ski clothes for the Shaw trip (Cecilia also included this in the student packing list which should be coming home today). We will plan for a typical skiing dismissal of either staying at Hidden Valley or returning to Villa.

5. Looking Ahead: We do not have school on February 16, and I will be at the AMI Refresher Course (Thank you to all who contributed to offer us this opportunity!), so am unavailable to coordinate a skiing event. If some of you would like to plan getting the group together or meeting up at Hidden Valley so that the students can still take advantage of their ski passes on that Friday, I can hand passes over to you or to the students. If your student is interested in skiing and you do not have a ski pass or plan to ski, there is a lodge area (with a fire place, last I knew), that you could gather while your child(ren) skied. Just an idea.

Thank you,




Previous notes:


  • Waterproof Pants to go over a comfortable pair of sweats (If not, please bring at least a double layer of pants and a third pair to change into afterward.)
  • Thick ski socks or a double pair of socks that go pretty high on the calf
  • Warm winter jacket (waterproof is best) with a couple layers of clothing underneath for warmth
  • Warm gloves/mittens (waterproof is best)
  • Sunglasses or ski goggles to protect eyes from ice and snow

Skis, ski boots, and poles are provided as part of our rental through Hidden Valley.

A ski helmet is optional, however, if you would like your child to wear a helmet while skiing, please let me know so that I can help monitor that while we are skiing. Ski helmets are available online, through sporting good stores, or possibly even at Costco. Rental helmets are also available through Hidden Valley for $10/day. In contrast, some of the helmets online are around $40 and possibly a better value throughout the season.

If you would like your child to wear a ski helmet but do not currently have one, I can ask your student to stay on the beginner slopes with me until you have a chance to acquire one. Please just let me know your preference.

Pick Up Plans
Following skiing, I intend to leave Hidden Valley at 4 p.m. to arrive at Villa di Maria in Kirkwood between 4:30 and 4:45 p.m.. Please let me know if you would like your child to return to Villa in the van with me, if you will join your child at Hidden Valley, or if you need another plan worked out.

Questions: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melissa U. by email or cell: 314-478-6898. |