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MAP St. Louis
Learn for life.

Discover St. Louis's premier Montessori and IB school for grades 7-12, located in the Grand Center Arts District

MAP St. Louis aims to redefine secondary education through a Montessori lens by cultivating an adolescent microcosm rooted within the heart of a vibrant St. Louis neighborhood. We prioritize the holistic development of each student, guiding them on their individualized journey to achieve their full potential as actively engaged local and global citizens.

Our vision is rooted in the conviction that adolescents—in the context of a stimulating, rigorous, and supportive environment—can learn, work, and contribute in significant ways. With an emphasis on student agency and partnership with adults, we strive to maintain a community constituted of creative, critically-thinking, and socially-conscious individuals who will enter adulthood prepared to create lives of purpose, value, and joy.

Our Approach to Academic Learning

Students work within a rigorous curriculum balanced with the intentional cultivation of a joy for learning.

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Creativity, Activity, & Service

Creative Expressions, Physical Expressions, Student Projects, and Service Learning are all core to the MAP student experience.

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Preparation for Life After High School

MAP offers students a variety of College & Post-Secondary Pathways aligned with student goals.

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Honoring the Individual

Our individualized approach, small class sizes, and one-on-one advisory partnership provides a customized experience. 

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Context of Community

Adolescents come to understand their significance as individuals in the context of a joyful and interdependent community. 

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Our Grand Center Home

MAP St. Louis is intentionally situated in the vibrant Grand Center Arts District, where our campus extends beyond our walls. 

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MAP has been a life-changing educational experience for our daughter. At MAP she has found a home where her ideas can flourish and her individuality is not only accepted, but encouraged. The openness of the faculty, the caring and kind behavior of the students, and the approach to learning at MAP have allowed her to to grow and thrive.

Leslie, MAP Parent


Coming from a much larger school, I didn't know if I'd like being in a small school. But I was surprised that it was actually more social than my old school—and my friendships at MAP remain more meaningful. 

Lucas, Alumnus, Class of '22


MAP is an empowering learning environment. The students feel comfortable taking on leadership roles and implementing tasks; in fact they happily take on big projects, work them out together, take up regular consensus with the student body, and make decisions on their own.

Jewel, MAP Parent


Just because school is fun, doesn't mean learning isn't happening. It's the opposite. We want to be here and that makes us want to learn. There is no difference at MAP between learning and having fun. 

Cali, Class of '27