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MAP St. Louis

Advisory & Individualized Learning

Every adolescent is unique, and the small, intimate nature of the MAP community ensures that each student is truly known and celebrated for their gifts and contributions. Through our 1-on-1 student-advisor program and our strong culture of partnership between students and guides, MAP adults walk side-by-side with adolescents and their families along their secondary journey, leveraging individual strengths and strategizing challenges in support of development and achievement of their specific goals and potentials.

Our Advisory Approach

Each MAP St. Louis student is paired with a staff member that is carefully selected to be the student’s advisor. Though students build strong partnerships with all staff, the student’s advisor becomes the key point person for both the student and their family. The student meets bi-weekly with their advisor to check-in, problem solve any challenges, and engage in conversations regarding the student’s progress toward goals. Student-advisor partnerships carry over from year to year as the student moves through the program.

Goal-Setting Meetings

With MAP’s focus on student ownership and engagement, annual goal-setting meetings are a meaningful time for a student to gather with their family and their advisor to align on goals for the upcoming year. Students lead this meeting, outlining key outcomes—in areas such as social, emotional, physical, and academic—that they wish to prioritize for growth in the year ahead. Students spend time reflecting on years past and strategizing for their future. Many families report this being one of the most impactful meetings of the year as they watch their teen take ownership of their lives, choices, and experiences.